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Late Pay

Guest woody

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Guest General Sun Shield

75-85% of my commercial jobs NEVER pay net 30....I have this issue with a major property in Atlantic City.

P.O. states net 30 but its alway net 90. :krazy

I figure that if I get my down payment that is more than just the cost of material Im good till the check comes in.

It sucks yes,BUT, they keep calling me back,,Year after Year..so when the work adds up,after a while the check for the last few jobs come in as your starting antother one for them.

When it comes down to a company you never did work for,,,I always ask for 50%...then net 30...In 30+ years we have only been burned twice.

You will get paid....figure it goes from the contractor to purchasing to accounts payable and so on....Most outfits pass the invoice down the line and eventually it gets to you.

Budgeting on your part is one of the most important factors in staying alive.

Its just the way it is...so hopefully while your waiting you got the other COD jobs your doing to live off of! :thumb

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