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Guest Justin Sralla

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Guest Justin Sralla

Id like to give a big thanks to all my customers out there. First of all, I want to thank you for giving me a piece of your buisness and making me look like a real salesman! :lol6 I really did try my best to keep all of you happy while employed at SunTek and hope that you were satisfied with my service. I always tried to help you guys out the best I could and fix any problems the fastest way as possible. Finally, I want to thank the ones who have complimented me on the accurate service I provided over the past few years. Those were the things that kept me going the past few months. :hump When Im back into this industry Ill be sure to be in contact. Take care.




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Guest tintdawg

Is it too late to get some info from you?

First Beckart and now Suntec... Are they connected?

Tune in next week when you'll hear Steve say "Hey, I'm locked in the trrunk of the Impala"!

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What did I say, I knew Justin will be next in line. Thats why I put in a thread awhile back about where is Steve ...now the whole Suntek crew is gone... Something is not right......THINK ABOUT IT EVERYONE..Thats why I switch to a new provider.

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