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Film question

Guest 754T

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My company tints cars for movie and TV commercial projects. We currently use Johnson films (70, 50 and 20%). We also opt for the charcoal, non-relfective kind to reduce glare. What other films (higher quality, non-reflective) film can you suggest? We typically keep the car tinted for years at a type, so it needs to be durable and high quality. Our customers hate the metallic, reflective look, so it needs to be a non-reflective charcoal only color.

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what would it matter for a movie or tv commercial? it isn't like anyone is going to be close enough to even see anything except something just nasty!

cheaper the better......right on there....

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Guest tintdawg

Get something that isn't as reflective. They dont like the light reflection on the cars. Ive done some cars for Ford (yea I'll tint a Ford) I used 3m cs line.

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