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That's what I get...........


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I swear, just as soon as got off the computer the other day, after quipping about dealing with picky customers, I get the ultra-picky mah fugga!!!

First of all, he had come in on three seperate occasions to "discuss" his film options, three frickin' times!!! Then, he wants us to guarantee that the tint will stick to his dots on his Ac RSX, I told the salesman (thank the Tintgods for salesmen for customers like this) to tell the guy,"I guarantee it won't stick to the dots".

Well, we tinted the car, And I'll be damned if there isn't a little piece of tape residue or something along one defroster line, I mean it's tiny. He brought it back yesterday for,"random specks", and of course when we go out to the car he struggles to find them,"oh, there it is, see that white dot" :duck

so, anyway, after redoing both quarters for "random specks", and blurring out the glue, I told him that if it still bothers him to drop it off one day next week, ALL DAY, and I'll redo the back window, needless to say he said he check his schedule and see which day is best for him....but anyway, this is how I handle picky customers, grin and bear it, and in the end he'll be happy.....(I hope) :)

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Karma?maybe-but I doubt it! I just had a man call me a liar- he had a small water sag in his driver rollup(done yesterday at 3:30).I said -No biggie,it will dry! He turned smartass and called me a liar-I turned redneck and said- Mofo-you can kiss my azz and get the F out of my store!!! I wanted to kick his azz! The heat must be gettin to me! I need a vacation!!! :wall I try not to act like that! :wall

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Guest S and S

IF a customer calls me before a week is up I say give it a week then call back if you have problems 99.9% of them never call back after a aweek. Even though I give em a care sheet and tell them to give it a week then call with problems these dumbass rednecks call the next day.

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