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where did the business go

Guest streetsounds

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They must be coming down here. I have filled my appointment sheet through Aug 3 this morning, and have customers on a work in list. We were closed the week of the fourth, so were paying for it now. Im sitting here now waiting on an excursion, my 10:00 did not show, but well spend the deposit anyhow. :)

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man I have been dead for bout 2 weeks n e one else :)

It is crazy for us right now, but it was dead off and on in June! The economy sucks right now, inflation is high and I am afraid a recession is near! It was bound to happen look at the money our gov has spent over the last 6 yrs! It started in 2001 but it is like a rock thrown in the water it send out ripples and waves.

Hang in there though, we only have a year and a half left :duck

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Guest Tintim

Hey Mdog,

We are v Busy at present - but running a shop employing 5 people you try and look ahead. I wonder if this is what's known as the "dead cats bounce" or "candle buring brightly just before it goes out."

Unemployment here is at it's highest for six years, evryone is mortgaged up to the eyeballs, personal bankruptcy levels are going through the roof and this is with interest rates steady for about 18 months.

Everyone knows interest rates will go up soon, middle east problems sending petrol prices higher then they have every been here ?1 a litre.

But then maybe we'll have another war this time with Iran/Syria that will deflect attention.

On a positive note :wall if you can get through it there should be more work for us. :wall

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