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06 Honda Accord 4dr & Diamond Brilliant

Guest bestill

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Guest bestill

I'm trying to get my Honda Accord '06 4dr tinted. I heard that this new line of tint called Diamond Brilliant came out. They are charging me a whopping $xfor my car to be tinted. Is it really worth it? I think I'm getting ripped off...Or should I just go for a lower end type of tint? Has anyone heard of this Diamond Brilliant, and is it worth getting at this price?

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Guest darkdan

After searching google, I finally found out what it is.

It's the Diamond line by SunGard. Which is SunGard's "exclusive" line of films.


The warranty is up to snuff. Depends on what their other films they are offering are. If they're offering the cheaper films, then most likely you would want to upgrade.

The heat rejection is slightly above average. Nothing to write home about, but pretty decent.

If they're offering other films that are on-par with what most of us use, then only you can decide if the Brilliant film fits your budget and the appearence you want.

So it comes down to:

1.) Your budget

2.) Their other films

3.) Appearence

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It's not possible to get "ripped off" as undervalued as a tint job is out there. Ya can't afford it? Buy a cheaper car next time so you have a few extra bucks for add-ons. :wall You want cheap? It'll look like it, no getting around that fact. If you want to drive around witth people saying, nice car, too bad he was too cheap to get a nice tint job, that's your choice. :thumb

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