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contract making

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to all those who make contracts for every job, do you file the 20 day prelimanary notice wether its a sub work or not?

do you write/give a copy or attach to contrac the "notice to owner" about how they can get liened, and what they should know about contractors of who should be licensed and who should not?

I dont know, I just being to cautious I guess wether its a 500$ job or $80,000. just wondering what people do out there.... :wall

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Guest Readyman

Depends on the size of the job. If it's a large project, like anything over $50,000 that requires progress billing, upfront material charges, etc, then we have a multiple page contract for them to sign.

If its just residential or small commercial stuff, then we just have the sign the proposal form, which has legal wording on it (payment terms, warranty terms, etc)

The thing to consider being in California is, that if you do not have a contractors lic., which is required by the state, and you do any type of work without one, then all contracts are null and void and you are SOL.

That doesn't mean that you will not get paid, it just means that you are now at the mercy of the client that you did the job for.

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