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Perfect dot matrix on everycar, everytime

Guest blake28

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Guest blake28


I don't know about you, but I'm tired of that white haze that's on just about every dot matrix cluster. So, I asked a good friend of mine (he's been tinting for 22 years) how he handles those annoying little dots. He told me an awesome, yet simple, secret that works exceptionally well.

Here's whatcha ya do:

shrink and cut your pattern as usual-- blah blah blah. After you hang the pattern on your hang board, go clean the glass as you normally would. Now get a scrubbie and scrub the dots a little. Squeegee the dots off. Now get a lint-free paper towel and go over the dots (just the dots) until they are completely dry.

Spray the rest of the window as usual. Take extreme care not to get any water on the dot matrix while you wet the rest of the glass (this is very important). The whole point is to keep the dots as-dry-as-possible. Go get your pattern and spray it down. After you line the pattern up on the window, look at the dot matrix and squeegee the bottom half of the dot matrix down. Meaning, very gently pull the water out of the bottom half of the dot matrix by squeegeeing it down onto the glass part of the window and leave the upper half of the dot matrix wet. Now squeegee the rest of the window. Leave the upper half of the dot matrix wet (untouched) for exactly 60 sec. Now squeegee the water UP out of the dot matrix using a teflon gold card or teflon black. No other card will work.

Now your done and your the dots will look absolutely perfect. It works everytime on every car. Now go ask for a raise. heheheheheeee

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I'm not sure I am following you. You mention not to wet the dots but you say to we the film. Isn't that going to transfer the water onto the dots when you lift the film up onto the dots?

Lately I have been prepping the dots with 0000 steelwool. After I scrub the shiz out of them I take a paper towel and wipe the shiz out of them until there is no more black residue on the towel. Most of the time they stick really nice but sometimes I have to glue anyway.

What you are explaining almost sounds like dry dropping but without the heat? :beer

IM CONFUSED about the water part.

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Now your done and your the dots will look absolutely perfect. It works everytime on every car.

Does this work with all types of film or just thinner dyed films :beer

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Guest Eclipse

I don't know about the rest of you. But I have to get the film wet, to keep the glue from sticking immediately, including the part that is supposed to go on the "dry" dots, making them wet. :bingo What is the point in keeping the dots dry prior?

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