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When did this become cool?


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I have seen this on a handfull of trucks in this area, looks totally fvcking gay. Each time I have seen it it has been on a airmans truck.

stacks on your truck = :lol

found this pic on a truck forum.

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Guest autotinter

I'v seen those on trucks up here years ago, the only one it suits is the lil red express

I dont like it on the others, unless my customer wants to buy them for his vehicle, then I'll like them :lol6:rollin


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Daaaayynngg!! Just goes to show, Georgia really aint that redneck! We dont see that stuff around here. haha . The stacks on the truck in the fist post, are fake! Look closely and you'll see the real exhaust under the bed. looks like a piece of plywood holding the stacks up.

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