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2005 FL Toyota Camry

Guest Shooter38

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Guest Shooter38

After a couple hours of reading threads on this great site, I have come up with the following options for our 2005 Lunar Mist (silver) Camry.


1) Heat reduction

2) Not interfere w/ radio (hybrid seems ok)

3) Look good

4) Moderate price (doesn't have to be top of the line HO)

It looks like LLumar ATR 20 CH TSER 48 (CH = charcoal I'm guessing) will be a good fit (assuming FL law is 20%)

I would also considerer the LLumar Stealth ATR 18 or Platinum Plus 18 with TSERs of 62 & 65, but am worried about the higher metal contents interfering with the radio.

What are the colors of the Stealth and Platinum? I'm guessing the stealth is a dark charcoal and the Platinum is the reflective silvery looking tint.

Thanks :?

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Forget about the stealth, I used it for years and it turns purple and looks like crap after about a year.

ATR charcoal or PLATIMUM PLUS would be a good choice though.

PP has a semi shiny look to it if you want that look.

ATR charcoal is not shiny but still is metalized. I have numerous pictures of cars with ART CHARCOAL in my webshots link in my isg.

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Guest Shooter38

I will look into the Suntek, and also had Sunguard recommended.

What are the price point differences between ATR, Platinum Plus, Suntek and Sunguard? Not specific prices, but percentages. Does ATR 20 cost different than ATR 15? One installer wants to install 15 all the way round which is a bit under FLs 20%, he says you can't tell, and get a better TSER????

What about the PP 18, is it noticable?

Thanks for the scoop on no Stealth :?

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