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Removing Bubble gum

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You can use peanut butter but, as mentioned above it may cause a stain from the oil in the peanut butter, and I have read cases that it actually has. Peanut butter in fact does work like a charm, even getting deep in between the fibers(for smashed in gum) but you have the rancid smell of peanut butter and the the posibilities of an oil stain, on the material.Plus you must wash and dry the fabric right away to eliminate the smell and to avoid possible peanut oil stains.

You also can use heated up vinegar.The vinager trick does work, but if the gum is deep in the fibers(which mine was), it seems to remove all the excess gum from the top of the fibers but not in between the cracks. but even using this method, you (u)must(/u) wash whatever it is right away to avoid the vinager smell to stay around.

I also tryed the ice cube trick, and agian yes it works, if you (u)like to spend countless hours working on a small gum stain, fly right at it!(/u) The ice cube "trick" takes forever to cool down the gum, and when you begin scraping, the gum begins to get sticky agian....so you must sit there and wait//rub the ice into the spot and quickly get some gum off.....it turns out to be a very long (in my opinion) useless process. (and if the gum is deep in the fibers you will basically rip the fibers apart before you get the gum out)

I Have even tryed the infamous "freezer" trick. It works well if the gum is not deep in the fibers. If the gum is deep in the fibers(sat on.. ect.) the gum doesn't stay cold for long enough to actually get it out, it turns out being a 1/2 day freezing job or countless "atempts" to remove the gum.

I Also heard these may work but I am not using an actual "oil" product on my fabric, I think these are just a bad idea in my opinion...

Murphys Oil

Olive Oil

Canola Oil


Then I tryed:

(u)Butaine Lighter Fluid, and THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT! I promise.(/u) You get the butaine lighter fluid and a credit card or non sharp butter knife. Directly Spray the gum effected area and quickly and vigerously scrape the area, being careful enough not to damage the material. If you have gum stuck in the fibers this will freeze it like the cop from terminator 2 and you can say "awsta lavee-sta" to the gum because it will easily break it apart! After you think you have it all scraped up, give the material a gental blow(breath) to heat it up, and the lighter fluid will evaporate, and the stain will be gone...(repeat if necissary)....no smell, no post wash. It's like the gum wasn't there, and it takes about 30 seconds, from the time the gum is in the material until it is gone and material is re-usable!!

My rating scale:

1= Horrible Don't waste your time at all.

2= Barely Works, Don't even try this not worth the effort.

3= Works pretty good but only pretty good.

4= Works Good but there are issues (smell, stain, must wash right away)

5= Highly recommend Best way to do it! And no post washing or smells, It's like the gum was not even there.

Ice Cube "trick"- Rated 1

Heated Vinegar - Rated 3

Peanut Butter - Rated 4

Freezer "trick" - Rated 3

Butane Lighter fluid - Rated 5

Peanut butter works well, but in my opinion takes to long, since you must wash and dry the fabric after to prevent stains.The Butane lighter fluid trick takes a total of 30 seconds period(The longest part is getting the butane to squirt out).Try it and I promise you will not use peanut butter or go without butane agian... I will only use butane lighter fluid no point in wasting my valuable time!!

Be careful though butane is extremely flamible and extremely cold.

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