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How many times has this happened

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I had a no show this morning, so I called and left a polite message asking him to give me a call to let me know if I should hold the time slot.

He calls back and says "I'm sorry, but my car was in an accident so I can't make it. I'll call you when the car is out of the shop."

I've had this happen about 10 times a year. And I never hear form them again.

You would think they would get a little more creative with their B/S :thumb

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Guest k-tintz

yeah I've had that a couple of times. but luckily I've rung the day before just to confirm.

although one time, one bloke did actually have a smash in his car, cos he sent me a pic messege on my phone, lol

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I've heard it but it really was true. :lol

Had one this morning supposed to be here at 7:45 dropping off before she went to work. Leaving all day. I planned my day around knowing she would be here that early. I waited until 9 (the time of her appointment ...just in case she didn't work or something and was still coming). No show :gay so I loaded up the truck heading to my little dealer who'd called yesterday with a couple for me to do (and honestly was thankful she was going to be here so early so I could squeeze them in after hers). I was fixing to pull out of the driveway. It was nearly 9:20. She says, can I still come?

NOPE. I already made other arrangements when you weren't here I even waited until 9. Sorry. :hmmm

Can I come later today ? (desperation in her voice)

:gay How about NEXT Wednesday? :hmmm

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