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How to get a clean edge w/o any "edge"

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Two pieces of glass... silicone used to join the two. And then they again used silicone on the sides of the glass to secure it in the window frame.

What is the ideal way to tint that? I can't use my bondo since there isn't really an edge...


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You can take a straight edge ruler and olfa blade to make the silicone , dry scrape the excess silicone off leaving and even ,yet still functional silicone in place, then use the factory edges of your film and butt it up against the silicone..this would be one way :thumb

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Guest vclimber

A lot of that stuff is beveled glass. Cut and scrape excess silicone to the bevel and either use a straight edge or angle your blade off of the bevel and cut free-hand. Make sure you scrape all of the excess silicone, even the haze that is left over after you cut the excess.

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We have done some windows just as you described recently. And just as TW said use a metal ruler to trim the side that is not oyur striaght edge. Be careful though! That shiot attracts dirt which will seep under the film on the edges! We just sprayed the film, not the glass!

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try to get in der before the caulk guy does. Had to scrape a lot of shizz of the edges for this monstrosity even tho there wanst a lot of surace to be covered


and always make sure the caulk is hard before trying to set the film. This job was caulked in the morning, and had to be filmed by 4 pm. Somtimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


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