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Guest nautiboi73

for all the glovers out there. I have stoped buying the Mechanics gloves, or Kevlar gloves.

I picked up a 3 set of JERSEY GLOVES from the store for less then I woul dhave paid for one Mechanics.

Well that one pair has lasted me 5 times longer then the Mechanics gloves and if they do get a hole in them I have two other pairs waiting.

HOpe that helps someone :hmmm

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I've learned to handle film without needing gloves. Used jersey for 7 years and now don't need them.

My only complaint about jersey would be that you can not stretch film with them as they don't grip the film.

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Guest nautiboi73
That is all I have ver used! I buy them at the dollar store :hmmm

:hmmm well others refered me to teh mechanics gloves but the jersey one are the way to go.

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