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Having a hard time with my paint color

Guest farfromover

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Guest farfromover


I have a magnesium metallic car (light gray) and I'm having the hardest time spotting imperfections on it. Every now and again I will find a micro scratch that I hadn't seen before and it's generally REALLY hard to locate. Normally, you'd think that it's a good thing that it doesn't show, but it just makes me more paranoid. Now, I worry that I will rarely be able to locate imperfections on my car unless "the right lighting" hits it. That kinda stinks, IMHO. It only makes me more worried because if I had any kind of impact on my car that I was unaware of, that it could take weeks for me to be able to find what I did wrong. Is there a difference between a "REAL" scratch and a micro scratch? Is the reason why it's so difficult for me to locate these micro scratches is because it's a very subtle scratch? If it were a scratch from an impact, would it be hard to miss? I guess I just want to be reassured that if there was ever a TRUE SCRATCH on my car that I would be able to tell right away. Today, a VERY elderly woman approached the parking lot very slowly and I was kind of in the way, so I moved out of the way and when I looked back I noticed that she was practically rubbing up on my car right before she turned the corner. She had PLENTY of space to allow her a safe turn but she opted to give me a heart attack instead. I didn't HEAR her hit my car, and I couldn't tell visually whether she hit it or not but she was REALLY REALLY REALLY close and it made no sense to me. But the sun was shining DIRECTLY on my car so I didn't know if I would be able to see any damage. I'm obviously not 100% sure that she hit my bumper, but if she did, I would have chased her down like a cheetah. There's no need to be driving that way, even if you are old, and even if you feel like you don't have space. She had plenty of space. I don't mean this in a harsh way, but she was really old. I think the reason why she was so clsoe was because she literally couldn't see well because she was wearing those special specs. I mean, if you have trouble seeing, why wouldn't somebody make sure your license is taken away from you? She could have caused an accident. At first I thought she was probably just being a little OVERLY cautious since I was on the opposite side of her, but I'd rather her hit me than my car. Seriously cause she was going slow enough that it wouldn't have hurt me... it would hurt my car. And since I had ZERO proof, I kinda sulked and continue to sulk. Please help me out. If she DID damage my bumper, what would I see on gray paint? Would it be noticed easily by me? What parts of the car would be affected? I just can't seem to figure it out, when I saw her pass my bumper so closely, I had a miniature panic attack in my body and probably my brain went into some sort of shock so I don't trust my judgement enough to just ACCUSE her but what if she did? What kind of damage should I expect to see here... and more importantly, WOULD it show up on light gray paint no matter what? I appreciate this, I'm really getting very worried that my car got damaged by such an ignorant driver on the road. That has to be the most ridiculous manuever I've ever seen sombody attempt!

please help & thank you so much

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Dont worry farfromover, s**t happens to all of us. If we didnt want anything to happen to are vehicles than we would put them in side and never thake them out! But if it was a true hurt mark on your vehicle you would see it. Micro scraches can be removed by buffing or wet sanding. I dont recomemed you go about trying to fix this your self our else you might mess ur baby up worse. If you cant see anything wrong with the n@ked eye, than most likely she didnt hit ur car, but if you take a really bright light to the area where u think she hit u might see spider marks. If not just relax and make sure u park far away from anyone our else u could have a heart attack!

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First let me say this....

When you decide to write a novel as a post then please break it into small readable paragraphs, I'm cross eyed from trying to focus on the book you wrote..

Secondly, if you are that worried about "micro scratches" and such, then you will never get any sleep.

IT'S A CAR, that's it, no matter how nice it is.

It's an inanimate object that gets you from one place to another.

Nothing you can do to keep sh!t from happening .

Park the nice one and drive it on the weekends and drive your P.O.S. to work, so you don't have to worry about it all day.... :blah Just my opinion......

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