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Viper 791 XV problem

Guest josh_k

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Guest josh_k

had my alarm installed 5 months ago and has worked perfectly...until last weekend. arming works fine, but when I disarm the factory alarm (the horn) goes off until I put the key in the door or disarm it with the factory keyless entry remote. obviously it is supposed to arm and disarm with the viper remote but I cannot figure out what the problem is. any help would be appreciated.

sorry, after reading I realized I wasn't very clear. arms fine with viper remote, disarming with viper remote sets off factory alarm.

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Guest zolar

there is a factory alarm disarm wire on the viper alarm that sends a pulse like the un-lock

to the factory alarm wires in the door, boot, or BCM

I am guessing the connection has failed

usually t-taps or scotchlocks will do that

...solder will not

take it back to the installer and kick him in the nutz

...kidding :DD


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Guest Murph.

They probbly never connected thr factory disrm wire. Unlock the vehicle with a key. Then arm and disarm the alarm. As long as you don't lock the door with a key or arm with the door open, the stock alarm won't arm.

What vehicle?

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