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roll downs,, how u do em?

Guest tintslut

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Guest tintslut

I have always cut the sides and bottoms, then roll down and cut the top edge.

then tint the top, roll up, tuck seal, do bottom......

today I witnessed.., cut top edge first, roll up , cut sides and bottom.

install went, roll down glass , use conquerer to squeege below gasket,

yellow turbo to squeege glass. then,,, bottom in first (pull back seal with conquerer) line up edges, squeege , then hard card . :lol6

whats everyone doin out there?

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Guest blackglass

I cut top first, pull it away a little bit, then do sides, then bottom, cutting at the trim, then lay the top set it, roll it up, use the lil chisler to set the bottom, then clean out solution :lol6

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I usually do the first method....but on a glass that drops back when rolled down, I'll start with glass up, place film on, (to cut) roll down, cut top edge, cut front edge (if it shifts back, this gives a little extra film at no charge) then roll back up, and cut back edge....it keeps the film from gettin caught in the back rubber....for install its always the first one. :lol6

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I do it close to the second way sl*t if I don't have a pattern. But I almost always do until a new year or a change. Use old liners I save in folders. Write notes on them, and have drawn little pictures of where screws or buttons are for door panels, or which window is a PIA or if one sides bigger than the other. Have a four drawer file cabinet stuffed full plus my trucks I use all the time under the table on a shelf. Even a section called PIA. :lol6

I have often wondered how many cars I have tinted. :lol6

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