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My Gosh, i just could NOT tint today

Guest Qveon

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Yep I had a small redo on a customers truck, diagnosis: Premature Window Rolldown

So I peeled and striped and retinted. As I was finishing the molding caught my chisiler and it snagged the tint,grrr so I trashed that piece.

The next peiece was fine accept for a I cut a little too shy on one side and I have about a 1/16th X 1 inch of whitespace on the very side of the window. Bleh, but the customer needed the vehicle to go to work so I gave it back to them. I don't think they really minded but it just doesn't look as good as the passenger side window. After I did that it has just bothered me all day. I hate letting it go if I am not even satisfied with the work. GRrr

But then again this was a "friend of a friend discount job" so yea.

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had to laugh when you said" friend of a discount job" this happens to me on these cars..I don't screw up because I don't care as much"because I'm making less", but it just seems to be a jinx whenever you discount something B4 doing the car :woowoo

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I'm the same way, if I discount something and tint it at home for a friend, or whatever, pretty much what they get is what they get since they aren't paying enough for a retint :hug well, unless it's something blatantly bad, like a chunk of :mad under the film or something......or a hideous light gap....we all have days where we can't tint and nothing seems to go right.....hell, last tuesday I only had one car to do (new 4 door sebring....an hour tops, not hurrying) and she came back yesterday and said that her driver's door had a 'tear' in the film :woowoo I went out and looked at it, and there was a small creast up by the mirror near the bottom corner....must have creased it just a little when I pulled my release sheet off :woowoo so I re tinted it for her....oh well....seems like on the slowest days is when things go wrong that shouldn't have but on days where there's like 5 cars, and a full truck, and another 2 doors only....nothing goes wrong....I don't get it :nope:mad so I drink more :lol :lol

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Yea and the day it did it, it was almost a perfect job. But then her horizontal molding moved and got trapped in the vertical modling in the corner and peeled the bottom corner because the moldings were too long :woowoo So at least she stopped before it peeled a lot, it just peeled the corner so I went out and cut the corner the peeled off and cut the extra molding off so it wouldn't over lap again until I could retint it.

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