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Custom Tint from the CSC Shop!!!!

Guest CSCustoms

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Guest CSCustoms

Thought I would share some more custom tint jobs that I have done. :coffee

Here is my 1940 Ford Coupe, I decided to add some flames in the windows to be a little different from all the other custom rods. As you can see I went from the no draft window and worked all the way back in the quarters. I get a lot fo feedback when people notice it and I love how it doesn't stand right out, that you have to really look to see that it's there. :wall



Here is a CRX that I airbrushed about a month ago. The friend that owns this ride seen my custom tinting and wanted to add something a little different. I decided to go with the graphics of the paint so it looked like the graphic was in the window also and I'm very pleased on how it turned out. Same concept as the minitruck I showed a week ago. Hope you like.



Here is a pic of the Car itself and the MiniTruck I airbrushed also. The owners are brothers and I'm still try to figure out where they get there money from. :wall All good when it ends up in my pocket. :lol2


And one more better shot of the truck I did also.


Hope you likey!!! :wall

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