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How many cars?

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Our company had a booth at the county fair last week. A guy came up and wanted the most experienced tinter he could find to tint his car. He asked me how many cars I've tinted.....I thought about it. Conservatively I'd have to say 30,000 at the very least. For the first 3-4 years of tinting I was the flat glass guy. I wouldn't even dream of trying to figure out the square-footage of res. and comm. film I've installed.

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I've used every manufacturer out there. My customer just made me curious about the actual numbers. The numbers go up every day for everyone. But since you said it...yes, thank you manufacturers....for supplying me with a future and an income.

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If you have computerized accounting you could get a rough idea based on how many invoices you have. Our system is broken down so we have totals on jobs by classification, such as auto, res. and commercial. If your stuff isn't computerized, you could spend a couple of days counting invoices! How many years has it taken to tint 30,000 cars?

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I alone tint over 1000 cars a year for atleast the last 5 years, the first part of my career it was more like 700 per year so a rough estimate for me is around 13,000 cars.

for commersical and res, we do about 20 jobs per year.

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Guest thetintshop

I do anywhere from 400-500 a year now. (in a town with a population of 1450) before the conversion company closed that was here for 25 years, I was doing about 600-700 a year.

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well for me I Live in a Small Town. and I am the Only one Tinting for 50 Miles. now I do 300 to 400 a Year.. But we have had 7 Textiles Plants Close. that's over 10,000 Jobs.

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