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As far as I remeber it was July, 28 when I joined the board.....Here, in Riga, July, 28 will be in 4 minutes :uh:uh Seems I will got new medal :uh And what else? :bat

ThanX EveryBody.

The main my benefit I know such words like asshat and assclown (I mentioned it many times) and I am happy. Just kidding. I learned much more words than these two.

I got lot of friends - virtual, and some real....

I find nighttime job......

I learned tinting theory....

And I still don't know


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Very nice to have met you :lol

Thank you for showing me Latvia :hmmm

May the good times roll :beer:hmmm:hmmm

ThanX, Billy!!! :beer

:beer congrats Leo :cool

ThanX, Veronica! :hmmm

:beer here to ya! :beer

ThanX, ooooooooops what's your name TD2 :lol2:beer

:gay congrats Leo :beer

Rick - special thanX!!!! :lol2

I remember three yrs ago..... sort of :lol

I remeber my start with non dressed laydeeeeeeeeeeeeeZZZZZZZZZ :lol2:lol2:lol2 Since that time so many thingZ changed in my biZ that I can't tell it here :lol2 But I am still :lol

Way to go L-doggy!! :beer

Way 2 gogogogogogogo!!! :hump:hump


ThanX, Tammy :lol

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