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Did anyone catch the Howard stern show on wednesday?

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Chuck Zito was on the stern show , complaining about being ticketed for illegal tint in NYC. He sounded

pizzed, and said he wanted to kick the cops azzz...

Heres the rundown, taken from marksfriggin.com

Chuck got back to his story from last night. He said there was a new girl who just started last night. He said she's smokin' hot. He was going to drive her home so he asked her where she lives. She was down by 34th and Broadway so he started to take her home. He stopped at one point and a cop knocked on his window. He told him he had tinted windows and no front license plate. The cop took his paperwork and found that there was no cop car there. He said the guy had a meter to test his window tint. The guy turned out to be an MTA cop so Chuck asked him why he doesn't have anything better to do as a transit cop.

Chuck said the cop tested the window and found it was too dark. The guy gave him a ticket for that so Chuck told him who he was and explained how much he respects the cops. The guy couldn't give two shits about that. Chuck asked him what his name was. The guy said it was on the ticket but it wasn't readable so he got out of his car. The cop told him to get back in the car. Meanwhile, the Scores girl gets out of the car and starts walking away down 34th Street.

Howard told Chuck he's not supposed to get out of his car when he gets a ticket. The cop ended up pulling something out of his vest so Chuck was ready to start a fight with him. He was going to take whatever it was and shove it up his ass. He said he got really mad but the cop is telling him to get back into his car. By that time a crowd was gathering and yelling out his name and asking him when he's going back on the Stern Show.

Chuck said the guy told him what his name was so he told him that's all he wanted to know. He said he was going to go to his superior about that. He ended up calling the MTA at 5 in the morning to talk to the guy's boss. Howard said that the guy did something legitimate, he didn't have a front plate and his windows were tinted. Chuck thinks he had better things to do though.

Chuck said he called the MTA and got an emergency number so they had to give him another number. Chuck got a hold of the MTA and got a superior on the phone. He told the guy he wanted to complain about this guy who gave him the ticket. He explained the story and the guy told him that they're allowed to do that but he could come in and file a complaint if he wanted to. Chuck said he was going to file the complaint since they were near where he was at by then.

Chuck said that he went down to the police department to get out of this $120 ticket. He said that it's not about the money though. He said he was steaming mad when he got to the police station which isn't a good thing. He said he walked in and the guys ended up taking pictures with him and told him that the guy who gave him the ticket is that kind of guy. Chuck asked when the guy was getting off of work because he wanted to beat his ass. The cops told him that they couldn't allow that but did let him know that he gets off at 7am.

Chuck said he wouldn't file a complaint about the guy but he did want to beat his ass. He said he's still got those two tickets. The officer who gave him the ticket came walking in a short time later and his face went dead. He ended up walking out of the station after that. Chuck said he was waiting for the guy to show up again but now he's figuring he has to just pay the tickets.

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Guest willie

:thumb Why do celebs think they are exempt from everything.

the same reason why cops think their exempt cuz they think their :beer don't stink

and they arent near as bad as firemen


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