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My Webpage As I have information this Vodka can be bought only in Florida :lol2 I need it for my collection :thumb I will be happy to change bottle of this Vodka on some Charcoal/Smoke/Graphite rolle :dunno


Touch Vodka is an ultra-premium artisan vodka from Florida that is quite unique. Not only is it made from all natural and all local ingredients in small batches, but at the root of the vodka is natural Florida wildflower honey. The producer does not believe in filtering his vodka, as he believes that if the distillation process is done properly, there should be no impurities that need to be removed. It is described as having "hints of vanilla, chocolate, and pine nuts with a smooth dry finish" - not to mention being a taste of Florida. The spirit is in very limited release and is only available at a handful of places in Florida. The bottles are in almost as high demand as the vodka, since each bottle has paper roses hand-glued to the outside. It sells for about $40 per 750mL bottle.

It is worth noting that the distillery is so small that they can actually custom-make flavors (using local, Florida fruits and citrus) for individual tastes.

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