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abbeviation explanation

Guest siky.121

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Guest siky.121

Hi everybody

I just bought a car alarm and I tried to put it into my car. I look in the machint circuit diagram and found out that pluging the contacts is explained with the abbreviations NO, C, NC, No1, C1, Nc1 and there is written layout graph of central control lock and do not know what those abbreviations means.

Thanks for help

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Guest zolar

on a relay the contacts are NC [normally closed] if they have continuity at rest

and NO [normally open] if not connected at rest

the relay has 2 contacts on each side [85 and 86] that get +12 and ground to energize the relay

the 3 other terminals are....

30 [common] 87A NC and 87 NO

30 is connected to 87A when the relay is off

30 connects to 87 and dis-connects from 87A when 85 & 86 are energized

there are several types of door lock circuits

and some have high current wires that can get real nasty if not interfaced properly

good luck :nope

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