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Finding sales aids you never knew existed.

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Wondering how many of you tinters have had to really pump your film distributors for items that could be helpful for point of sale? Things they don't consider would be of interest.

eg. If I can speak of Madico for a moment........... they had illuminated 110V signs for one of their auto film lines which was a great idea to hang up in the tint shop.

Being also backlit, it provided a form of security lighting at night for the inside showroom.

They also had huge vinyl banners that advertised their car film.

Aprons, Tshirts and Poloshirts advertising their logo too in black or white.

What else have any of you caught eyes on that could be useful that no one knows very little about?


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Guest expertint

Llumar sponsers a thunderboat that races in various towns during the summer.It just got totaled out in San Diego and will miss the race this year..Miss Budwieser always wins tho. :lol6

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It would be as simple as a phone call once a month from a rep to receive updates, even if they don't stop in for a visit.

However, it has been my experience that many rep's don't care to go that far in service (at least the one's who have no background in film installation, it seems, but not limited to just those who don't have film experience).

LLumar's tech site (llumartech.com) includes Marketing material updates, of course the webmaster is responsible for getting them there in a timely fashion, too.

It's nice to receive recognition and appreciation for purchasing a particular product. Sometimes I think it's only for the shops who buy a lot of film. Shameful, cause it's all about the bottom line and the bottom line fuels the wheel.

What do I know...

:booga :lol6

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Devil, do you find that they will just give these things to you?  Or do they charge you for those items?  Just curious :nope


They do give them to me but "you have to know they exist in the first place." That's the point I'm making!

As for the clock......never heard of it Zro so guess who'll be making a call in the next few days about it. Thanks for the tip....exactly what I was on about.

If there was a charge and there has been on manufacturers' data manuals, I don't mind at all paying for it.

Bekaert have a small technical tip booklet for everything you want to know about flat glass tinting which has a cost to them of about $20 USA dollars which I'm going to buy as well.

PS. Just found out that Madico have a new "Charcool" full sized poster to hang up.

Received mine after "asking thing new I should know about?" :thumb


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Guest autoreflections

I deal with Sungard and they never send me anything promo wise or advertising... I get my brochures and that's about it... NO samples ever or nothing.... It's kind of a pissoff when in three months I've ordered over 12000 from them...

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