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Seriously untidy homes.

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Absolutely hate homes that you have to measure where the bedrooms and very private areas are like bombsites.

Went into one last week tenanted by 3 single girls where there was no attempt at modesty. Beds turned up like a few rounds had been done, bras and underwear all on the floor, had to machete my way through the room.......ahhhhhhh horrible and they knew I was expected. Last minute "I'm sorry about this " accounts for zip.

How do some people live like that? :lol6


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Beds turned up like a few rounds had been done
:lol6 man thats funny

I think most people like this have been spoiled their whole lives, mommie used to pick everything up for them and it just carries over into adult life, nobody id ther anymore to pick their shiot up anymore adn it just goes to hell.

prime example is the show on mtv with jessica simpson, she got married to that 98 degrees singer, they have a million dollar house and its trashed all to hell because this girl has always had somebody to pick up after her. this girl will literally sit in a pile of filth until somebody picks it up for her.

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Guest thetintshop

and girls are always the worst. ever been in a girls public bathroom? I have never been to a girls apartment or dorm room that it was clean and neat.

when I was in the marines, we had a class after boot camp that had about 15 guys and 4 girls. every friday morning we had inspection in our rooms. over the course of the class, 12 weeks, not one guys rooms ever failed inspection. at least one, or all of the girls failed every week.

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Guest fastlanedesigns

That is precisely the reason that both of my kids have been cleaning their rooms since they were old enough tounderstand what the words mean. They also help with other housework. (no, I don't make them do bathrooms yet) I always had to help with housework since both of my parents worked, and my mom was so @nal about a clean house. I think being taught to be @nal at such a young age is one of the things that makes me a good tinter. Actually I feel that the words @nal retentive and attentive to detail can interchange.

Anyway, all of that to say, my kids will NEVER be that way. At least not until they move out of my house. I think a nasty house is disgusting! :lol6

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we run into some untidy situations but not much. Mostly just cluttered up and usually the worst is right in front of the windows. The most annoying thing for me is little rat dogs like chiwawas :lol6 and pomiranians runninig around yip, yip, yip all freaking day

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I think so too FLD about the parents. My mom was a cleaner too. And now if she's within 6 hours of driving distance I get that frenzy going. It's perfectly clean and picked up all the time (mainly because I would die of embarrassment if someone would stop by unexpectly) but it has to "feel" clean too. Used to make me furious when I'd spent two weeks every evening cleaning like crazy, and I mean light fixtures, walls under the washer and dryer...It'd be sparkling. :lol6 My sister would stop by and when she walked in she'd say "well...it doesn't look any different to me :lol6"

:lol6 Well it FEELS different.

:lol6 I decided to take it as a compliment.

Now my teenaged daughter is finally starting to keep her room clean. I was so proud when she asked me to help her move her bed to vacuum under there the other day. :lol

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Of all the tinters I've known over the years the @nal ones were by far the best and the slobs were so mediocre.I detailed cars for about 5 years before I got into the tinting buisness which was great preperation for glass tinting.

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