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craziest car I ever tinted!!!!!!

Guest zolar

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Guest zolar

I used my best doggie-style on this mug :cool

this is a brand new Saleen with the optional 4K glass roof

I tinted the thing in ATR35 with dat M-dizz skrunk :blah

the thing was a pain to dis-mantle

the entire canopy is glass

3 pieces the back glass.... and roof ....and the windshield :bat

turned out nice

....for a redneck joint :blah






somebody say EIGHTY THOUSAND :cool


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Guest zolar
Nice job Z!

At 80,000 , I don't think I'll be seeing many..if any around here...hope you charged good for it :bat

A good bit more for this one :blah

this is the second Saleen I have done for this dood :cool

I can't go nuts yet :cool but I charge more than most folks ..... and less than some others :blah

I will have a new GT (GT40) to do soon too :bat

that top is round as a mug too

about like a bug :nope

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Guest zolar
sweet car man! :cool

alot of benzes have that sky roof. never tinted one.

nice job


I would love to ride in that thang in the rain

that would be a trip !!!!

nice job bro. ya know people who spend all that money for cars/trucks like that I bet they were wanting the cheapest deal huh. :blah

nah...... he could have got cheaper just down the road

he liked the quality of the last Saleen I did for him

most folks are stupid though

just last week a drunk river womang

told me she could get her stang done for 40 bones in JAX

I said tell Hulio I said Hi :cool


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Guest tintgod

are you or him worried that bad boy is going to bust ..that thing will get hot as a mofo..and with an evening rain shower..POW...I hope it dosent happen ..good luck

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