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lyin a55 tinter


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Guy that I considered a real good friend who is also a fellow installer that I would call on alot to help me out on jobs and whom I invited to my house on many occasions for cookouts and such and whom I have gone out of town with to do work and paid him better then the guy that he works for pays him. Well I find out Sunday that he told my girl friend that I had cheated on her on 2 different occasions and then a few days later asked my girl friend to go out to dinner with him since I was a cheating basterd.

Omg I have never been so mad in my life, I have never cheated on anyone and never would, I have had it happen to me and it sucked. I am very faithful and what made it worse was that he did this about 2 months ago and my girl friend didnt tell me cause she didnt want to put me in a difficult situation with work since I use this guy to help me out. When I found out that I have had this guy over to my house after he was the one that said all of this crap that I cheated and then asked my girl friend out to dinner I was infuriated, never been so mad in my life and nothing to vent the anger on except now on the keyboard I guess lol.

I am pretty much over it but I hope I dont see this little pr|ck at the distributor or somewhere else cause it will be damn hard not to kick and beat his a55.

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