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Does anyone else get these emails, I mean how stupid can people be&#33

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Good day,How are you today.I am Ovie Onorode,19yrs

old from Zimababwe . I got your contact through a

thorough seacrh from industries of trade and

commerce. In regards to my contacting you,I would

want to entrust the transfers of the sum of

us$1.5milllion into your country,under your

supervision. I would also want you to help me invest

on any profitable business that you would be able to

help me handle while I continue my education in your

country when I come over, as you would be my

gaurdian that would take care of my investment and

secure a good inetrnational standard school. In your

positive anticipation to my mail,I would furnish you

on every information that would be necessary on how

I would get the fund to you before I come over to

your country. I have accredited 10% out of the total

fund for your assistance and your trust,bcos this

fund is the only hope I have in life which I

inherited from my late parents.My late father was a

white farmer in Zimbabwe before he died,he was

accused of treason and trying to over throw the

president of mugabe,so all his asses,inlcluding land

farms and bank account where siezed,you can comfirm

most of this story on:


manage to secure this fund in a security company,b4

his death I was made the beneficiary to the

consignment. so I hope I can trust you with this.

I fleed from zimbabwe during the crises,rigth now I am in a west african country where it would be easier for me to arrange for my travelling documents to come over to your country

Relpy soon. Onorode.

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