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Unique Whips tinter LMAO

Guest tintman97

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Guest tintman97

:cool Im watching the pro do this lambo of Tony Stewerts. First thing Will says Blah blah blah get it perfect. He takes a 40 inch roll it looked like and this was the LAST of the film the last 3 feet is always bad I through it away. Well he takes it and holds the roll horizontally. Ok so what way can u shrink then? Just on the sides right LOL well he starts in and well we all know what happens Cant shrink bilaterally can a wee bit but not like Chico was tryin to do. He had a big ass temper tantrum but finally got it done of course they didnt show him redo it just it being "done". I dunno my .02 says they need a new tinter.


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