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post-17474-1154570324.jpggot him free outside of wallmart in arizona, 10 years ago . he was the last one. hes the runt. hes pit mixed with something. :lol2

hes never worn a collar or had a license. he does everything I tell him. :) hes his own dog. :)

iv seen him run down and catch many a rabbit, seen him pull a magpie right out of the air!(thats a rat with wings is colorado). hes kicked a bunch of squirrel ars... :)

he dont much care for cats either :bat however I do know he came to an understanding with a BIG black barn cat.

he great with with my kids and very protective of everything I have. :bat

we have horses out here and he loves em.........they like him too :beer its wierd.

he thinks hes a horse. :)

last summer he was battlin a rattlesnake.......hoppin all around the snake like a rabbit...he was crazy!

I shot that snake and ate it .....with my dog.


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Guest nautiboi73

Zeus, he doesn't look like he has any "pit" in him, but lovely none the less.

man we loe our dogs :bingo

I would start antoher post your pet thread, but TTC would so out do us :beer

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