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UK threat level remains critical

Armed police have been out in many UK airports

The UK security threat level is to stay at "critical" following a suspected plot to blow up airliners, Home Secretary John Reid has said.

He said he believed the main suspects were in custody but it was right to "err on the side of caution".

Everyone faced the threat and everyone "should respond with a common purpose and common solidarity", Mr Reid added.

Nineteen of 24 people held on suspicion of plotting to blow up planes have had their UK assets frozen.

The Bank of England named the 19 and said it would be an offence to make their money available without a licence from the Treasury.

Those arrested are being questioned by anti-terrorism police who said the plot could have led to "mass murd3r".

Delays continuing

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All flights yesterday were canceled out of all international airports, terroist threat imminent and still is today but things are getting slowley back to normal and are still on high alert....a bit boody scary if you ask me :thumb

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