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"One Way Window"

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A guy came in today wanting something for his work van that would keep people from seeing into it. I showed him the vehicle that I was working on which was a work truck with 5% on the back windows. He said " I can still see in that" I'm like, that's as dark as you can get without painting it black and tried to convince him that there's no such thing as a one way window, so he cuts me off and says, " I believe you, I just don't like it." I'm thinking, :rollin whataya want me to do? :rollin It just ruins my mood for an hour. None of us tinters need jerks like that. :booga

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5% ...great for the industry....has no use on a truck...hope this guy likes looking at all the cars coming at him when he drives the truck at night.....cause thats what he is going to see when he looks in the mirror nothing but oncoming reflections. :thumb no need to change the laws in Indiana, it wont matter some guys will still do what they want...gives the rest of the auto glass tinting a bad image IMO...

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Personally, I hate 5%, but the guy I do most of my work for sells it, and for now I'm installing it to make him happy. I think on some work trucks it's okay because some cargo vans and box vans don't have windows back there anyway. We don't put it on the front 2 doors unless there's a doctor's statement.

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I ve actually sold the opaque films on some cargo vans. Some of those vans have so much crap piled in them ya can't see out of the backend anyway. The white out film lets in more light during the day but you can't see in period.

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