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2006 S Class Door Trim Removal

Guest Rockabilly

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Guest Rockabilly

Yeah, I know there's a couple of posts from guys who do these cars without pulling panels. Would be a LOT easier. But, we gotta put felt on the rubber seals.

Thanks to Bones from M1 for the instructions.

In the first pic, you'll see the front door trim. Screws are shown by the red arrow.

Front screw is behind a plastic cover, easy find.

Back screw was a secret squirrel. Its hidden behind a felt-lined cover, which blends in with the felt lining in the storage compartment. Slip your olfa in the almost-invisible slot and pry it up, and presto, it reveals the torx screw.

There are only 2 screws. The outer edge of the door trim is held on by the normal panel clips, and once these are released, you need to lift the door panel up (as in, away from the floor) because there is a hook behind the door handle that holds the panel onto the door.

Once it slides up, you can easily remove the rubber gasket, felt it (if you need to) and merrily tint away.

Careful of the wires, they are the thin ribbon wires that can break easily.

Back door is the same, except the torx screws are not hidden behind anything, just deep underneath the arm rest. Undo the screws, pop the edge clips, and slide the trim upwards.

Rear screen is no problem, no disassembly required.





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You hit that on the rock, there is money to be made with the new S class. Don't forget to mark left and right on these inner belts before felt applications. Crossing these belts up can create a technical situation that does not allow the door locking actuator to function properly. both L/R belts have different part ##'s.

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Guest Rockabilly

Instructions in the first post in this topic were for a S500.

We got a S350 today, rear doors a bit (infuriatingly) different.

Two torx screws, as before, but the second one is behind the speaker panel.

There is a small torx screw in the bottom of the speaker bezel. Remove this, and the speaker bezel/panel can be pulled down (toward the ground) and it comes out. The second secret squirrel torx screw is behind this.

I dont know if the door panel differences are because one was a S500, and one was a S350, or if there are differences within year models ('06 and '07 ???).

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Guest outkast tinter

Even better!!I just did an 07 S550. On the rear doors, they had the power shades. All you do is pull out the spacer at the top of the panel between the glass and the shade. Then reach in and pull out the rubbers to felt! No panel removal neccessary! Beautimous! :gasp

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