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Done thousands of searches, but I guess when some of the pictures were posted a while ago and you search, an error comes up to the jpeg link.

Any how, I'm a tool designer (mechanical engineer) and have been for over 9 years. I use 3D software called Pro/Engineer.

As I don't have anything else to contribute to the board as far as tinting goes (YET) Here is my contribution if every one would like to participate.

Throw up your best pictures of your station and what you would like in a glass cutting station. As a GROUP we can discuss what is def. needed and or ideal. I will model the design in pro/e and we'll keep the design going until we cover everything. I will then produce drawings and offer them to those who added a positive suggestion or idea.

From what I have read 3' x 6' is an ideal size for glass.

I was going to use metal welded contruction (this may be something some people will have to have MADE FOR THEM)

Four castors for mobility,

Back Lighting with a long extension cord.

A trough to catch water and solution that goes to a bucket that can be emptied.

Storage for tools like glass cleaner and fresh rags

Storage for film

Any pics, suggested sizes, ideal angle of the glass.

I'll start the design on tueday the 5th of september 2006

Here's an example of how the 3D part will look. (this is a hydraulic pump which I did for a book I wrote) The drawings are too hard to post in any other format than PDF so you'll just have to wait for them. But they will be full drawings with a BILL OF MATERIAL, stock size to cut, part numbers for lights or other hardware. You'll be pleased



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I will get exact dimensions tomorrow the glass is 8x4 and it sits almost at eye level to the top and I am 6'. The back light wouldnt really matter. I also wouldnt buy a cutitng table unless I was big time or something, this was built for about $60 and an hour of tinkerin'.

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