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I'm new and seen a listing asking for help, I'm in aus and dont really know what the cars are like in the states and abroad but I've been doing this for a while and haven't had a drama, the listing spoke of peeling the top half of the backing off and all sorts of things. I reckon if you can get a conquer in between the trim and the glass the film will go!, preshrink the doors so it sits flat on the glass slide it down past the trim. clean all the glass and leave it down a bit, flush the bottom a bit, slide the film in making sure the bottom edge is sitting flat!, very easy. I somethimes just pull the trim back over the inner door skin, wedge em back with a screw driver, if you can pull the top felt out. I ussually slide near a third of the window below the trim and if it was clean before I wound it down because the film is sitting flat its clean when I wind it up.. I might be behind the times but dont be shy, just be carefull!

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