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Winter Job-options for Pro Tinters!

Guest Texasrocker

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Guest Texasrocker

... since the cold-season is about here, I have been searching for other ways to generate some cash until the blistering-heat returns. Since were all "underachievers" anyways, thought I would share some ideas for winter-work! Best we could expect would be "minimum wages", but "somebody" has to "do-it"!

#1, help the Homeland Security by digging post-holes for the fence that devides the U.S. from Mexico!

#2, get a job at a local-zoo removing animal-crap from cages!

#3, quality control position, at "Bounty" Paper Towels factory, to make sure "no lint" policy is really-true?

#4, test "carbeurator-cleaner" as a window film-remover,for Ford in Detroit, without leaving a nasty-smell, and new film will stick afterwards?

#5, helping hold "cats", while the Vet Removes their hemmoroids without anesthesia,saves customers money!

#6, hire-on, as a enthusiastic-outdoor "window-washer" at the Sears Tower in Chicago for the winter-months.

#7, go to New Orleans, help install telephone-poles in the 9th-ward, for new housing to sit on.

#8, help "Bounty Hunter" on TV, go to Afghanistan, and capture "Bin Laden" during the slow-months.

#9, used-car salesman at a lot, that has plenty of defective-tint on their used cars, so you can direct the buyers to your shop come summertime.

#10, "Septic Tank content Removal Tech!",now this winter-job has several rewards! The owners pay for the "gas" in their vehicles!!.... thats my 10 ideas!... add yours!! TR :dunno

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