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HO, V-K and other "ceramists"

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Dudes, we get up a little later than you do on this side of the country. :dunno Patience.... :beer

Huper Optik offers Residential Lifetime Warranty 5/3 glass and seal failure. A "No-Hassle Paperless Liftime Warranty" with no limit on the glass breakage coverage. 15 year Commercial 5/3 glass and seal on the ceramics as well.

V-Kool is not ceramic. But yes it has a warranty too.

Why do you ask?

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Most commerical warranties are 10 to 12 years because there's a good chance that business will still be there that long.

"Lifetime" warranties on the product for res installs because the typical home owner with enough money to have their windows tinted moves about every 7 years.

Most cars come with a 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty, but I don't see them exploding during year 4.

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