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Tint on the outside of the glass in Dubai?

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I was out in Dubai recently on holiday with the girlfriend, and as a tinter you know what its like, you are always looking at tint jobs in a different place to see how you compare to them. Many of the jobs looked pretty good but a couple of things stood out when I got up close and seen some of the tints.

Firstly there was a Toyota Rav-4 parked up at a shopping mall. It was black and had limo tint all round but the windscrren was also tinted very dark. Think its something to do with their religon or something. Anyway I was tood in front of the car having a good look at it when suddenly the lights come on and the engine starts and its then I realised that there had been someone in the drivers seat the whole time I was stood there staring at the car. He or she (I never saw them through the tint) must of been waiting for me to move so they could go.

Another thing I noticed was film applied to the outside of the glass. There was a MK4 VW Golf I remember. It had the back glass done in 4 pieces spliced on the outside of the glass. How rough is that? Looked like someone had been heat shrinking the pieces on the outside and forgot to take the backing off and put it on the inside. I seen a few cars with this exterior film on while I was there although most had normal internal tint.

Anyone heard of this before?

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soon after I graduated high school, I was up at the high school talking to some coaches of mine. I left the school and went to the mall. I was seating in the parking lot with the truck off. I noticed a car kept creepin' by. I sat and waited. sure enough oh jack leg gets out with screw driver in his hand. I crack the window and said "may I help you?" the look on his face was priceless. HE couldn't see me..... :hmmm

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