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Paint shop caught blaming me!!

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Did five so far from the same place and they all have the same prob!! Swirls from the sander on the glass and a lot of overspray!! They say funny all the complaints are from the same people who use the same tinter!! Luckily non of them are taking the paint shops bull cause I show all the scratches and overspray before I start!! Of course we all remove the o'sprays!! The last car was my friends and we took a ride to the paint shop and the guy went on and on tinter this and that :lol:hmmm:D:hmmm:D !! My friend was like "Oh really wow those stupid idiot tinters"!!, "I'll let him know about it"!! then he said "BTW that's my tinter standing right next to you"!! The guys face turned all red and trying to figure whether to walk away or not!! I asked him when are you going to replace the glass and he said "we'll figure something out"!! and they went inside to settle the matter!!:hmmm:lol He would've dropped right there if had lied again!! :lol

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