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"I scratched the van-tire-cover again at Gage Oldsmobile"

Guest SirChristopherAlanGreenEsquire

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Guest SirChristopherAlanGreenEsquire

Once again I was told I ran over a battery-jumping-cart at SEMTA/SMART in Troy (Michigan) The United States Of America while I was working as a CoachServiceAttendant(CSA) in TheBusBarn back in the mid to late 1980s.

I drove for two pregnacies in The United States Of America during the mid to late 1990s while living in the residence of the "same" mother with one residency in an USDAGrowOp in Detroit (Michigan) The United States Of America with a MichiganChauffeursLicense which I got from being a CSA.

I worked up the street from the second residence of the second pregnancy in Ferndale (Michigan) The United States Of America at Gage Oldsmobile with "my" other half of Starsky&Hutch/Original/Classic, Timothy John Casey my classmate from cass Technical High School, with Ray Campisi as our Boss in The Used Car Lot. I backed that "sleeper-van" into the fence again and ruined a tire-cover that was to be painted anyway. I calmly wiped the spit from my sunglasses as he yelled at me...

..."are we getting through?.

I successfully transported my wife's breast-milk from The Hospital to her home via The Metro in Budapest (Hungary) European Union without tasting or failing to deliver any of what she gave me while being licensed with a still valid Hungarian Professional Driver's License with an International Permit which has expired.


Ray in the same Detroit neighbourhood as Tim and I driving around on a all night FishOilCrack binge.

"Tim was that Ray?".

"What if it was?".



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