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Any tinters in Austin, Texas interested in working on my car?

Guest Mark in Austin

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Guest Mark in Austin

Hi all,

I've been lurking for a couple days; reading and learning as much as possible to be an educated consumer. My compliments on a terrific forum with tons of info and helpful posters. I just realized I should ask in here if any tinters in Austin were interested in working on my car. Here are the specifics:

-2001 Infiniti I30t dark red w/ black interior - has a rear window defroster/antenna

-Existing tint needs to be removed

-Looking for a tint that has a high thermal rejection percentage. (Initially was looking at HO Ceramic 30, but now realize there are other options out there and am open to suggestions.)

-Use my cell phone and listen to AM sports talk / Spurs games from San Antonio's AM 1200 station quite a bit so I don't want to do anything that will hurt reception/cell phone signals.

You can reach me at markaflatooni@yahoo.com or feel free to reply here.

Thanks very much,

Mark in Austin

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