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the art of tint

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Very nice.

5 Jag's (that I can make out) and a mustang in the pics. All owned by Ford global, but is that at a dealership or his own garage?

This is at the dealership, Manhattan Auto Group.

They sell Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Jaguar, and Range Rover. Huge place 9 floors!! with a range rover test track on the roof.

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art? the article I have is way different than the one you have on your site.

Lorenzo's Toil? who is that ? or thoes guys. whats up :spit


Funny you ask, Its actually the exact scan out of the Benzo Magazine, but Lorenzo's lawyers didnt want there pictures on my site. So all I did was swap the pictues of Lorenzo with pics of cars that I tinted. Sorry for the confusion.

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