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Airborne Missle

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I finished a job last week off of I-95 here in SC near Santee. I was going to the next exit to cash the check I was given, when it happened. I had to drive about 40 minutes to get to this job, and part of that of course was on the interstate, so I thought nothing of it. I had my 8' Werner fiberglass ladder on the back of the truck. I have driven with the ladder on the back not tied for years, and had never had it fly off the back before. I was going to the next exit, roughly four miles, but I had to cross a bridge over lake Marion near Santee state park. This bridge is approximately 1/2 mile long with a high rise towards the southern end. Right before I got to the incline, I heard a slidding noise, like slidding a ladder off of the tailgate. I looked up in the mirror and saw that ladder sailing through the air behind me. Of course, and thankfully, no one was right behind me, until I stopped to back up. I had trucks swerving to miss me, cars trying to run me down. Thankfully, a guy saw me in the road and stopped well short of me so that I could get out and pick up that ladder.

Insane and stupid as that sounds, I paid allot for that ladder, and I couldn't just leave it there for someone to run over. :eyebrows

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Funny you should post this, Just the other day I witnessed a horible accident on the highway. A guy was trying to pick up a ladder in the middle of a 4 lane highway. He had to dive out of the way as a semi swerved to miss the ladder and him and eneded up causing a 5 car pile-up...Consider yourself lucky.

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