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It's official....

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For at least me, a part-timer first year having my own flatglass business, business has officially came to a screaching hault. No calls in the past week and a half. Its been nothing but rain and colder weather here in the midwest states. I guess that is what is to be expected in this region. The positives of being in this area is having less competition unlike in the southern and western regions where you have a tint company every few miles....lol Dont worry, Im not going to ask "What do you all do during the slow months" question. lol Its been done on here many times. Maybe AOT can post some more celeb pictures so I can do some extra photoshopping during this slow time..... I hope business is well for all the rest of you guys out there. :beer

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Guest vclimber

Give it about 2 weeks then the sun will be real low on the horizon and you will get a totally different type of customer complaining about glare and heat on South facing windows. It happens every year. :beer

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Guest Key West
I heard that it has slowed down for alot of ppl

Here lately, I have been calling my own phone, just to make sure it's still working!!!!! :beer The phone hasn't been this quiet since the Towers came down. :beer

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