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GLASSPROTECT!!! What happened ;-)

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Latvian representatives of the U.S. group New Century Holding, together with their Dutch partners, are planning to invest 20 million euros in a glass-tinting plant in Riga, Latvia?s Dienas Bizness business daily reported. ?Any normal glass used in greenhouses reflects sunbeams, therefore part of them do not reach the plants. Being accurate people, the Dutch have made calculations suggesting that the crop would be much higher if all sunbeams went through the glass. At our unique plant, glass imported from abroad will be covered with anti-reflection tint,? said NCH representative Andris Kupcis. The equipment needed for such glass will reportedly cost 16 million euros, and another 2 million euros will be necessary for installation equipment. The tinted glass will be sold to farmers in the Netherlands. The new plant is scheduled for completion in January 2007.


:beer Not gonna get us :beer

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Remember a little way back you say some Barbados company contacted you about safety film?

Well they got it from some American company and I installed it.

I made good money. :thumb

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