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Flexi & Lxi

Guest Marco

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I have the Lxi master plus and I hear the Flexi is the same, is it?

Flexi has a few other options available that are not on the LXI

Like what? I have the LXi Master Plus too... I was told it was the same program but a different name for distribution purposes. Kind of like how Panasonic or Sony having the EXACT TV but with different serial numbers becaues of them being sold in different stores.

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Hmm, the only things I like more about Flexi 8 are the fact that it has built in spell check and direct output to .PDF for softproofs to your customer. The overcut feature is pretty cool too but I use it very seldomly. I haven't used LXi in quite some time but I dont even know if their new version has the same things.

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Guest pinstripewizard

I also have both... and they are very similiar, but I prefer flexi... lxi has a few navigation differences I dont like, like having to re-select the zoom tool everytime I click (may only be in my version of lxi) also lxi will only open eps files if they're saved in illustrator version 5.

bottom line, they both get the job done, but if you're going to be spending a lot of time at the computer flexi is a lot less frustrating. :thumb

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Guest Summitg

To answer most of the Questions about the difference. LXI master plus is a several steps below Flexi Pro. LXI is the hosue software made for Signwarehouse. Flexi Pro is a much more powerful software than the best LXI. Cool Dude, if you can afford the Flexi, get Flexi Sign Pro 7.6 version 2. You will not be disappointed. I have used Flexi for 5 years.

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