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02' X type


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I am doing an R&R (crap part about gettin better than the others around here!) and this car will prob need the tray removed for cleaning purposes alone.

The rear seats do not fold down like the 03 models. I am wondering if anyone knows how to get these suckers out. The thing is drivin me up the wall. :lol

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Okay, remove the lower part of the rear seat. It pops right out. Then remove two torx bits that hold the lower portion of the top section of the rear seat. Lift section upwards and pull out. Then you have full access to the rear deck, remove a couple xmas trees and you are golden.

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Am tinting a. '04 X right now...and, yup. No seat releases. Crap! Pulling the deck on these suckers is a snap if the seat folds down. I hate pulling rear seats just to put stickers on the glass. I've tinted these before, without pulling the rear deck. But as you can imagine, a less than perfect job. And this dude is paying big bucks for MAXcool IR...so the seat must go. Dang it.

First, pull up the bottom seat. The back of the seat is not mounted, the front is mounted by two clips that just pop loose. Then, there are 2 torx bolts holding the rear seat cushion. After removing those, the cushion lifts straight up and releases. The deck itself is 3 pieces. In order to remove the outer/smaller pieces, you need to pop the pillar trim loose first. Also, in the trunk...under the deck, you will notice 2 plastic clips that need to be pushed before the deck will release. Charge the customer extra, I suggest.

Thought I'd include a pic of the finished product: 2004 Jag w/MAXcool ceramic film. :)


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