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Tinting over factory windows

Guest Diabolikul

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Guest Diabolikul

Consumer here, looking for some help from pros.

I have a brand new 2006 Ford F150 Extended Cab which came with factory tinted extended cab windows and rear window.

In Florida, it is legal for me to tint the rear passenger and rear window tint to whatever percent I want.

But, I need to also tint the fronts, and I'd prefer they match. The rears are just a bit too light for me.

How can I calculate the effect of tint on the factory tint?

Say I want 20% on the front windows, what do I put on the rears to get to 20%?

If I want 10% or 5% on the fronts, what do I put on the rears? Obviously if I put the same tint from the front on the rear, the rears will be darker.

Am I making any sense? I'm just not sure how to calculate the percentages out.

Legalities aside here, I know it's illegal to put tint that dark on the fronts, I'm just asking how to figure the percentages to match everything up properly. The local tint guy doesn't seem to understand.

He says to put 25% on the fronts then come back in 30 days and put a second layer on the fronts and tint the rears. Which makes absolutely no sense to me! There must be some way to match the rears to the fronts if the fronts are darker than the rears.

I want the rears darker than the factory tint, but then I want to tint the fronts to match. How do I do it?

THanks in advance.

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go to a pro (obviously not your local guy) and let him do the figuring for you. sounds like he's trying to get your money first then hope you forget to come back. Even if there was a reason to doulble layer the fronts, it can be done then. Tell him you want color and VLT matched as close as possible. Keep in mind the slight color difference is the difference in colored film and colored glass. It will be slightly off, but a good eye should keep it close. :lol6 good luck


I would guess a 35% on rears and 20 on fronts would be close.

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the legal limit florida is 28% on the front doorS..and 6% on the back of trucks (MPV).

With that said...if you are wanting to match the back factor you will have to have it metered(it is more then likely 20%..but it could be lighter and it could be a little darker)..either way...you can only go down to 28% on the front..so if you were to put a 30% on he fronts...you will be fine..and it will be close enought to factory..but not to dark to see out at night

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