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American Tinting Association

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I start same post sometime ago. :lol2 Can't find it now :lol2:barf:lol:lol2

:thumb Are you thinking of joining? I guess they'd offer a special Russian delegation membership for a special price. :lol2:lol

No. I am organizng my movement:



I also have website with same name

www.LegaliZeTInTZ.TV My Webpage but I have NO time to finish this site. Now I hired webadmin as I have to many sites. On my mind all these ...FA'a like Scorpio's in box. That phrase told my partner in America during SEMA ..FA meeting in Vegas. Competitors can't work together and it's law. I don't know what do European ...FA - but every year some new country got new killing tint law. Why?

I have no answer.

LAGELIZE TInTZ will be virtual and will unite people who live from WINDOW FILM business not from donations :lol2

May be I am thinking different and may be I am wrong. I am always choose my own way. Same was with window film. I was tired from suplliers dictate - and now I can choose films assorment and advertising style by myself, not depend from any brands and corporations policies.

I guess not many of the people they trained joined up? I've never heard of them here in Portland. I did look up the registered owner of the URL when LEO was talking about it a few months ago and seemed like the name sounded familiur but can?t remember now..................... :lol

I find this Association surfing in net and asked people here who knows about this :lol2

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